Soulful and dreamy paper goods that add warmth to your heart

Hello dear reader, my name is Afsaneh Tajvidi (you can call me Afi). I am an illustrator and multimedia artist living with my husband and two funny cats in the beautiful city of Toronto. I am a big believer in finding joy in simple pleasures of life and sharing them with others. It can be as simple as finding a pretty autumn leaf on the ground or trying a new fruit for the first time. I love to create the kind of art that celebrates these joyful little things.  I do that with the hope of capturing good feelings so that you can re-live them over and over; something that brings a smile to your face and makes you daydream.

Things that I love apart from creating art:

- Spending time with family and friends
- Going for long walks at night with my husband
- Collecting tiny tin boxes
- Watching the sunrise
- Eating gold kiwi
- Buying well-designed postal stamps , old and new
- Making bonfire by the sea. I haven’t done this one in the last 20 years, but I daydream about it often!


Hope you enjoy your stay here. Thanks for stopping by!